The Isle of Man has a variety of fresh water fish, which include: Salmon, sea trout, brown trout and rainbow trout. To fish freshwater you will need a licence.

The main rivers of the Isle of Man are the Glass, Dhoo, Neb, Silverburn, Santon and Sulby.

Salmon and sea trout start in late summer and can be caught on the fly or spinner, many local anglers prefer worm fishing.

Permission must be sought to fish on private land, but do not be put off as there is plenty of open water with good catches to be had. Many of the best rivers flow through Manx National Glens and are accessible to visitors and locals alike.

Note: Preserved Waters

Douglas River about a quarter mile through the Nunnery
River Dhoo about half a mile through Kirby Park and upwards from Braddan Bridge about half a mile
River Glass, upstream from Quarterbridge to the East Baldwin river junction.
Douglas and District Angling Club has its own waters on sections of the River Glass, and River Dhoo, there is a visitors membership.
Colby River and Kentraugh are also restricted about half a mile upwards from their mouths.
Isle of Man River and Reservoir rules and licensing