Fishing Line

Reel filling main lines for multipliers and mixed spool reels.

Freshwater 6-10lb line

Sea spinning 10-12lb line

Beach 12-30lb line

Rock fishing 15-30lb line

storm crystal

Storm Crystal 


diawa hyper senor

Diawa Hyper sensor

The Hyper sensor offers a reduced diameter and higher abrasion resistance our Hyper Sensor is suitably named. Ideal for the rigors regular use of rough fishing conditions this monofil takes the Sensor performance to another level.

diawa sensor

Diawa Sensor Clear

diawa senor brown

Diawa Sensor Brown


Ultima F1 

asso untra

Asso Ultra

night cystal bulk

Sakuma Nite Crystal Bulk Spool

ultima f1 bulk spool

Ultima F1 Bulk Spool



Asso, bullet proof



We Stock a range of spinners through the brands below:

Sakuma, Ultima, Asso, Diawa, Storm